• TIAS DAF Technology Lab

    A mixed reality VR project in collaboratio with: NHTV TIAS Tilburg University Tilburg University DAF Tech lab website:   https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/campus/experiencing-virtual-reality/     Official Trailer Demo footage

  • Spaceship 729

    This was the mood board of a small selection of games that we wanted to merely take their artistic direction from and adapt our own. The ingame UI or the HUD if you will rarely had artistic cohesion with the menu’s where the main focus of the development and art …

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  • Tank Takeover

    The First Mockups of the Tank Takeover UI Which undoubtedly would change. 1. First mockup 2. My First Interpretation of theme and what he UI would look like. 3. The team wanted a more electronic or tron feel to the game and the UI. 4. But in the end a …

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