A little bit about me and what excites me:

I started out with a very simple little book about computers at the age of 7. At this time I was already playing things such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Sim city and let’s not forget the pokemon craze. It didn’t take too long to find games like Counter strike and duke Nukem or the internet after that. Then finding a footing in a Jedi Knight 2 community and tried my hand at map making for the game. Following that I moved onto html and php, also because it was part of the school curriculum I was attending at the time. I suppose what got me interested in game design was a very particular part of it, matte painting or the concept art that visually interested me.

Confident in my knowledge and skillset of producing art for games, my aim is to specialize in User interfaces and Graphical User Interfaces. This has proggresivly changed into a more focused role of UX designer, with a latent interest in VR application. However because of the considerable difference in various roles within game development I also posses the ability to interpret how the rest of a game development team works in tandem with each other. Because i started my education as an indie developer. In my own experience it is valuable to know the mindset and workflow of one’s colleagues in order to be able to be a valuable asset to and a team player in a project. As of writing this I study at the NHTV in Breda.

In short I’m student at the NHTV with an overwhelming interest in UI development and the UX part of it.

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